CORD COMMS Team Members update... A Media Conference has been arranged at the Emergency Operations Centre to provide an update on the Trepanier Forest Fire. When: September 10, 2012 11:00 a.m. Where: Station 1 Firehall 2255 Enterprise Way Personnel from the Emergency Operations Centre, Peachland Fire Department, BC Wildfire Management Branch and RCMP will provide an update on the status of the forest fire....

Radio Operators and others get local Emergency Radio information from here...
Providing resources... Keeping you informed... Keeping you up-to-date !

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) / (PEP)
Provincial Emergency Radio
Communications Service (PERCS)

(Click picture for more views and information)

and Amateur Radio Incident Command approved
Provincial Tactical Radio Communicators' Vest!

Vest Q&A page!

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Communications Unit CORD/Kelowna Emergency Operations Centre

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(Click Photo for large picture and story)                    This site uses...                   (Click Photo for large picture and story)

     Central Okanagan Interface Fires   

2003    2004    2005   
2006    2007    2008    2009    2010    2011    2012

Find your past stories and events here!

EMBC / PERCS Form Joint Radio Advisory Committee

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    < --Amateur Radio Call Out / PEP Card Forms-- >        

If you wish to apply for a Central Okanagan PEP Radio Communicator Card, download and use forms 1 & 2
To renew an expired PEP Card, Use form 2 only...

Then click the picture of the PEP Card below for further instructions!

All Amateurs welcome !

EMBC / PEP Website                    PEP CARD Application Instructions              EmergeX

Click the Logos !

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Emergency Operations Centre Radio Op Instructions/Review  (PowerPoint)

C.O.R.D. EOC  Messages, Logs & Procedures

Click Logos !

   RAC ARES                                   RAC web site
                                                   ARRL NEWS                 

Support your local 2 MTR Nets, It's good readiness practice !
OCARC 2 MTR NET     146.820 - Tuesdays - 1930 hrs           
Okanagan Amateur Radio Frequencies    Portable Repeater           

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Click the Radio Operator crests for the Westbank - W. Kelowna 2009 Fires history!

Support our Firefighters!   Westbank-W. Kelowna 2009 Fire Stories/Pictures here :

Click !                                                                                                                                                                    Click !

Click these Radio Operator crests for the Kelowna 2003 Firestorm history!

Support our Firefighters!   Okanagan Mountain Fire Stories/Pictures here :

Click !                                                                                                                                                                    Click !



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A Tribute to UI-view/WinPack author - Roger Barker - G4IDE...

VE7BZC's PowerPoint "Introduction to APRS - UI-view32"
( Presented at the BC YL Conference in Kelowna BC - May 2006 )

         Click above to get a                                                         (click map) for North America               FREE REGISTRATION ! for FULL
  Google map for an                                                            UI-view Registration Procedure!              UI-VIEW  &  WINPACK   Programs
area that you choose...                                                                                                                                               (click the 'UI-view' above)

APRS images on this site are UI-view32 screen captures.
If you have an Amateur Radio Call Sign and an Internet connection, (no radio required)
YOU can become a member of the World-wide APRS Community!

After installing UI-view, get a new APRS Server List
(Includes Tier2 Servers for use with Filters)

Also, remember to install your "validation" number in APRS Server Setup!!
Copy line in red below, Go to UI-view Menu window: FILE--- > Paste line in "Download APRS Server List" window, click "Download".

Filter Note: "a/60/-140/47/-85" = Western Canada, "a/51/-85/43/-52" = Eastern Canada, use only one at a time if preferred!
Extra Note: Add "a/60/-64/50/02" if you want to include the Atlantic Ocean and the UK !
If you would like a filter that gives you cross-Canada coverage (with some near border US coverage), then,
Copy the line in red below, Go to Setup: "APRS Server Setup"--- > Paste the line in the "Extra Log on Text" window, then click "OK".
filter a/60/-140/47/-85 a/51/-85/43/-52      (See other detailed filter instruction links below)

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(  created by
(Thanks to Eric - VE1CFY for the map storage space!)
Let me know if you need a map for your area... I may be able to help.
Canada, Yukon, NWT, BC, Central Okanagan, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba,
Ontario, Quebec-NFLD, Maritimes, Eastern USA, Alaska,
(Many local steet-level) UI-view maps.

Download ZIP files   (Download Instuctions) :
(Safety Tip: Make a Backup copy of your current "Maps" folder -Just in case!)

(Then... Unzip/extract and copy the new Maps to your current 'Maps' folder
           ...and the buttons to your 'Buttons' folder,
making sure that you have enough space for the new buttons on your button bar!)

Maps Folder!    British Columbia-Plus NWT & Yukon  - 81 MB    Plus-Buttons for these maps

Maps Folder!    Alberta-Sask-Manitoba-Ontario-Quebec -Plus USA  - 25 MB    Plus-Buttons for these maps

Maps Folder!    Maritimes - NFLD  - 40 MB    Plus-Buttons for these maps

Maps Folder!    World-NA-Japan-Asia-Atlantic-GB  - 7 MB    Plus-Buttons for these maps

   Maps Folder!    BC-SunshineCoast + Downtown Westbank (Hybrid 2012)  - 14 MB    Plus-Buttons for these maps


NOTE: ORTHO Satellite picture maps require a capable machine - i.e. Processor speed, Graphics Card & RAM.

Satellite Maps!    Kelowna   (Includes Buttons)(Kelowna BC -Ortho)   - 64 MB

Satellite Maps!    Kentville   (Includes Buttons)(Kentville NS -Ortho)   - 18 MB
Satellite Maps!    Fredericton   (Includes Buttons)(Fredericton NB -Ortho)   - 27 MB

TOPO Maps! (Includes Buttons)   Topo - Part 1 - Okanagan    (BC Southern Interior)   - 36 MB - large file!
Maps!    Topo - Part 2 - BC-Other   (BC Southern Interior)   - 38MB - large file!

TOPO Maps!    Local area Walking trails by VE7KDN     

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Digi Paths and the "New Paradigm" SIMPLIFIED!   
How to construct Port 14580 filter(s)   
An excellent Port 14580 FILTER construction/analyzing TOOL by Andy - MOCYP !   
Download, unzip, run setup, run the program, Click on Help for instructions on use!

UI-view "APRS Server" Settings: (Installing Port 14580 filters) (Plus toggle "I-gate" on)   
UI-View "Fill-in" & "Full Digi" Instructions w/graphics by VE7BZC   
Using your D700 or D7A(G) as a "Digi" in UI-view - by VE7BZC   

KPC-3+ and KPC-9612+ TNC information by VE7BST (on Ian's web site)

"New Paradigm Settings"         "Adding additional analog inputs to a Kantronics KPC-9612+MX"        

  The NEW APRS WIDEn-n Paradigm - Get all the info here!  
The NWAPRS supports APRS events and activities - primarily in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
"Please update your station, tracker, and digi settings to the national APRS recommended settings."

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Links to other UI-View, APRS, and other interesting sites :

G4IDE - Roger's    ORIGINAL UIVIEW page    

Winlink 2000   AIRMAIL:    EVERYTHING you need to know with downloads and FAQ 
M0CYP UI-View Web Resource    (UI-view links!)    
(Real Time) Space Station (ISS)   Tracking   
An (ISS) Tracking and Satellite Site!  

Anderson PowerPole Connectors   "How-to" .pdf file    (Click for Kelowna Supplier - VE7HOL )

Anderson Powerpole Connectors (Detailed Instructions)  

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Traffic Cam - Weather - Fun Stuff !

Speedway News :          NASCAR,         Penticton,          Vernon,         Fredericton, NB          The Okanagan

 88 !                 

   Scrolling Clock !    Thanks ve7kdn  
    When not on EOC assignments, what do HAMS do          click!    (Real Player file)
- Andrew & his wife Lissa (vocals)

                         Thanks OZ5E/OZ1XJ ! - Their web site...

                         MORSE CODE takes on TEXT MESSAGING on JAY LENO Show...
(an oldie but goodie) !!...

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